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5 Advantages of Self Drive around New Zealand in a Rental Car When you feel like touring the country during a vacation, a self drive will let you get the most out of the experience. Such a trip’s success is, however, dependent on your vehicle choice because of the numerous things it influences. There are numerous vehicle options, but a self drive in a rental car comes with the 5 merits that are highlighted next. The choices available in car rental are limitless. That is how you will select one that suits your trip appropriately. For instance, a self drive with more than 5 family members or friends will require a van because your sedan may not fit everyone and their baggage. Then again, a 4×4 SUV is just right for a trip to the rugged parts of the country. So, a car rental service is the best option because you get to choose a vehicle that serves all the needs you have in mind. You only pay for the using the car, which is unlike when you opt to purchase the vehicle where you pay for the ownership of the asset. Insurance costs too will not be your problem at any time. Opting for a car hire also means that you steer clear of maintenance of the vehicle or its depreciation due to high odometer readings. Even if the trip was a rigorous one, you will not worry about the loss of value of the vehicle because your financial responsibility will come to an end once you return the vehicle to the rental company. Using your own vehicle for such a trip comes with losses because of its loss in value and high maintenance costs.
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A modern car hire vehicle comes with GPS technology. This feature is quite advantageous when touring the country because you will, most likely, not be familiar with the routes. With a navigation system, on the other hand, it will be possible to take spontaneous tours that will leave you exhilarated. Past instances of self drive were risky because many drivers could not attempt to take roads they were unfamiliar with during trips. A reputable car rental service now makes that a possibility.
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A guided tour around the country comes with various restrictions. For instance, you cannot spend more than the recommended time at a particular attraction, and you also have to use a certain route to reach such a destination. Such restrictions are absent with a self drive in a rental car since you can drive to and from attraction spot using a route of your desire as you enjoy the magnificent views and also spend all the time you want once you reach your destination. There is convenience in a rental vehicle because you can choose the most suitable spot to pick up the car or drop it off. It is even possible to get a one-way hire where you can leave the automobile at a specific place after your tour, instead of driving it back all the way.

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